Q and A Tuesday

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so where did you go to college?

I went to the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) I love all things orange and football, as well as the academic prowess I developed while I was there.  It is a fine school with great people.  I will always look back on my time as an undergraduate with fond memories. It is intrinsically part of who I am—my major, my hobbies, my pride. 

Would you ever date a Florida fan?

Would I date a Florida fan? My initial reaction was “WHY?!” and then I calmed myself down.  And I thought “No, really, WHY?!”

But I’m just kidding. As big as the rivalry is and as bloody as it might turn every September, I would look at a Florida fan as having something bigger in common with me—college football.  I spend so much of my time, traveling, watching the game, tailgating, researching, and daydreaming about college football, at the very least the guy would understand the passion.  And who says the rivalry wouldn’t spice things up.  I love a good debate, light hearted ribbing, and rivalry. A family member of mine actually married a Florida fan, and it’s been fun to watch them go to games wearing UT and UF colors, have pictures made ,and finally once they were married, the game is always the deciding factor in which flag goes on top of the pole, a gator or Smokey!  I could live like that, I think.  And furthermore it’s all in the SEC family, right?

But beyond the obvious cuteness of this question, I must say that I thought for a long time on the serious side of this question.  It goes beyond football, and gets right down to the heart of what I’ve been discussing here for a week.  Can I overlook the small difference I may have with a partner to see the bigger picture?  I hope the answer is “yes”.  I hope that when the difference is something more significant than college football allegiance that I can see the beauty in the difference.  I hope that I keep my wits about me enough to realize that everybody who brings something different to the table has something valuable to offer.  I hope that I realize that small differences don’t have to be a deal breaker for me. 

I guess the bottom line is I think I could date a Florida fan.  What a thought provoking discovery. 

Now, nobody said anything about an Alabama fan. That, friends, is an entirely different case! I kid, I kid! I think…

How do you turn down a man who refuses to accept that you don’t want to date him?

Interesting question.  I can tell you I don’t have much experience in this area because I’ve dated relatively few people, but I will give this answer my best shot.

I think if I were pursuing someone and they just weren’t into me, I’d want honest.  And for me, honesty means being upfront with the person and not avoiding them.  What’s the point in leaving a person hanging if you don’t want to date them? So you’ve got to figure this out ASAP and then tell me.  It’s as simple as saying “I just don’t think I’m feeling it”. 

But then comes the hard part. The person may not accept that you don’t want to see them. They may call or text again.  Or if you’re friends, they may keep hanging around . It’s important if you’re not interested in someone that you stick to it—even if that means you temporarily lose a friend. Imagine if you were in a position and someone you were interested in said “no thanks” but kept hanging out with you right after that.  It would suck having to see them and how awesome they are, wouldn’t it?  So scram for awhile.  Sucks, but it’s being fair if you ask me.

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Double kisses

xoxo The Blonde

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4 thoughts on “Q and A Tuesday

  1. I know several friends in SEC “mixed marriages”; finding a gal with a shared passion for football is a huge plus for a lot of guys, even if she’s from the enemy camp. And btw, GOOOOO DAWGS!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think it could be fun to have a rival relationship, so I won’t judge too harshly at the games this year!

    I look forward to my trip to Athens this year to meet up with Richt and the gang 🙂

    xoxo The Blonde.

  3. We eagerly await your arrival in Athens this October – I will have a freshly laundered crying towel waiting for ya!

    1. Yada, Yada, Yada 🙂 I’ve heard all that before, and as disappointed as I was in 2008, 2006 was the best game I’ve seen in Athens, and goes on my top ten list of games ever

      But I definitely hope you’ll come back to discuss the results here 😉

      xoxo The Blonde.

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