Flirt and Wolf

I am flirtatious.  At least, until this weekend I thought I was. This weekend my mother reluctantly went to a high school reunion.  Of course, as one could have predicted, she had an insanely fun time catching up with her classmates and recounting stories to her husband.  I highly doubt that I would be as willing to go or apt to have fun at a high school reunion, but then again I haven’t been out long enough to miss anyone.  If I got curious, I’d just check my Facebook timeline and see all their grammatically poor updates.  Sorry, I digress.

The real root of this post is to discuss the fact that not only was my mother a beauty queen (Miss East Tennessee, Queen of Summer, Queen of Hearts..) and varsity cheerleader, but she was also voted the female half of the Senior Superlative “Flirt and Wolf”.  Though I am not certain of the definition of the term “Flirt and Wolf”, I take it to mean the most flirtatious and date-able male and female student.  I’m not surprised, honestly, just frustrated.

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but I wasn’t a beauty queen or cheerleader or voted most flirtatious. I was other things, and it’s things that both my mother and I am proud of, but it wasn’t based on my ability to win people over.  I was the valedictorian.  I had a full-time job in high school.  I had a serious boyfriend for most of my teens and early twenties.  But clearly as an adult, it’s made it painfully obvious that I’m a complete and total buffoon when it comes to meeting people.

Clearly the ability to interact and socialize with the opposite sex skipped a generation.  Or, more accurately, I was too shy and bitter at a younger age to take advantage of the intensely awesome person I could have been.  Like I said, when I find someone I enjoy, flirtation comes naturally.  However, I am just so out of tune with dating and relating that it’s hard for me to pinpoint an interest to begin with.

Somehow, I just didn’t get the information from my mother that made me insanely interested in boys and their company until I was in my late teens.  I think my mother shielded me from being interested in the pursuit of men and other aesthetics for a good reason—the same reason I shut myself off and shielded myself from the attention, in fact.  I developed early…too early . I was curvy and busty in second grade.  Though boys will notice this, and it’s something I’m proud of now, at the age of 7 or so, boys (and girls) can be so cruel.  I remember so specifically feeling uncomfortable with my curves and hiding under sweatshirts, sports bras, and by generally burying my noses in books and sports . I was a huge tomboy growing up, and I think it was mostly because I was shying away from the unwarranted attention.  My mother was all the more happy to go along with my tomboy persona because it really saved her a lot of headache! I don’t blame her at all—it’s easier to parent a girl who has little interest in boys.

But because I hid myself away and my mother was content with this, I never really got interested in typically girly things until much, much later. So my high school career is decidedly absent of dating, flirting, and fun—save the memories with The Boyfriend.  I feel behind in so many ways.

In some ways I’m thankful my mother didn’t teach me to rely on the superficial.  I was never entered in a beauty pageant as a child because I wasn’t interested—at all.  I remember being asked, in fact, and tearfully making my mother promise she’d never make me doing something like that—at the age of three. I had hobbies and interests. I was a reader, heavily dedicated to school work, and it paid off. In other ways, though, I wish I had that social experience at a younger age.  I wish I had flirted, dated around, and had fun.  I wish I was more certain in my ability to meet men, that I knew how to show my interest. I’m not a total failure when it comes to these things, but I’m wishing I had tapped the resource a little more. I am the daughter of the class of 19*cough*’s most flirtatious.  I should have more experience than I do.

All that’s left to do, I suppose, is channel some of my mother’s awesomeness and meet new people and become the Flirt and Wolf I am genetically cut out to be.  I promise this week, dear readers, I am going to start the actual quest to meet men in various locations.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Flirt and Wolf

  1. I hope you dont mind me commenting again 🙂

    I completely disagree with your logic here, though not your conclusion. Unless you plan on marrying and divorcing many times, flirting is not something that you need to spend many years perfecting. Improving your education and mental abilities, however, lasts for a lifetime. You would not be the interesting person you are today, and able to write and think as well as you do, without that early training.

    As I said though, I agree with your conclusion. You do need to get out there and learn how to do the flirting thing, but will it be to catch a fish or to become a professional fisherwoman?

    1. Of course I don’t mind you replying again!

      And of course I don’t awnt to become the professional fisherwoman, but I doubt I’m in danger of that at all. Trust me when I was my experience is super limited. I think most girls my age have have their fun and are ready to settle in. Me? I’m just the oppposite!

      I’m so thankful you’re reading.

      xoxo The Blonde.

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