Would you date a shorter man?

I get asked this question a lot, mostly by guys. The answer is yes. The Friend I talk about is about 3 inches shorter than I am (at 5’6"). The last person I went on a date with was about the same height. I am certainly not concerned with height, but I find it SUCH a turn off and frustration when it’s a big deal to the person I am dating. The last date that I blogged about made a HUGE deal about it to the point that I started to question it too!
Guys, TRUST ME when I say this….if you don’t point it out, most girls won’t notice!

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2 thoughts on “Would you date a shorter man?

  1. I think for the majority of women, dating a guy shorter than they are is just a bridge too far. There are some things that are deal breakers for women and height is on the short list.

    Get it?

    I crack myself up!

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