TBLTB Presents: Freedom Fridays–Riding Solo

Today’s Freedom Friday focuses on my ability to choose where and with whom to spend my free time.

Sure, it’s nice to do coupley things, but honestly, I don’t mind going solo to most events.  Being single affords me the freedom to go where I like and spend time with those I truly like.  No longer am I forced to endure a work party for a mate filled with people I distantly know and mostly don’t care for.  As a single girl, I socialize with MY friends, people I care about and have fun with! And by rolling solo to these events, I don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or saying the wrong things.  What’s more, I’m going to events I choose, staying in if I don’t feel like going anywhere, and choosing my own plans. 

When I was involved in a long term relationship, I didn’t do much outside the office with my coworkers.  My relationships were strictly work-centered because I felt like I had to be at home with my partner.  Beyond that, I felt like we had to be joined at the hip AT ALL TIMES (yes, unhealthy, I know!).  So I didn’t have many female friends at all.  But now that I am single I see lots of female friends, I have great relationships outside the office, and those girls have become a main part of my social network.  I didn’t realize what I was missing by holing myself up inside an apartment with a boyfriend!

One day I’ll definitely be ready to support a significant other at the events of their choice, and spend alone time wit someone….but right now I’m loving the overload of seeing MY FRIENDS!

So what about you? Do you dread your spouse or significant other’s work events? If you’re single, are you making the most of your free time by seeing those you need to catch up with?


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