TBLTB Presents: Freedom Fridays, Movie Edition

It’s easy to complain about being single.  It’s a cruel world out there.  Sure, it would be nice to come home from work and have someone to spend my evenings with that is perfectly awesome and meets all of my exceedingly high expectations.  Yes, it’s embarrassing to always have a “sure” answer to the question “are you free this Friday?” But after reading a book this afternoon while I was home sick from work, I realized that this is it.  I am present in the here and now.  And I can either complain about what I don’t have, or be grateful for what I do have.  The thankful option beats the alternative, if you ask me.

So, in the spirit of that revelation, I’m launching a new Friday series that I like to call “Freedom Fridays” where I detail a really enjoyable aspect of the single life.  Each Friday I will find an element of living that I am afforded by my single status and tell you why it’s oh-so-awesome. I’m removing the stigma from being free on a Friday.  Yes, I’m Free this Friday…but then again I’m Free every day!

This week?  It’s Freedom Friday:  Movie Edition.  That’s right, movies.  What’s so great about watching movies as a single person? I’m so glad you asked!

In the past few weeks I’ve really taken an interest in watching movies.  The best part of this new-found hobby is that now I’m single and can watch whatever I want! Sure, loving relationships are based on compromise.  Ideally, couples compromise and see movies that one or the other may not have chosen.  But you know the problem with that?  Someone is always bored in that movie.  Someone is always looking for “their” movie to pick in revenge.  Not in the single life, my friends.  You can pick any movie you want and see it alone or with friends, and not worry about movie-retribution from a significant other.  You can watch these movies whenever you want, too.  So instead of spending a ridiculous chunk of change at the 8:00pm Friday premiere, you can go to the matinée that afternoon, pay half the price, sit where you want, and enjoy yourself. 

In the past two weeks I’ve gone to two afternoon movies that I wanted to see.  Admittedly, these were guilty pleasure movies….Toy Story 3 and Eclipse.  I took a friend to Toy Story 3 and saw Eclipse alone.  I went early in the morning to both shows, had my choice of seating, and felt no guilt whatsoever. I think that I am becoming more interested in film because I’m able to see films I’m interested in, relax while watching, and escape from every day life.  Nobody is forcing me to go to a crowded theatre on a “date night” to see a movie I’m half interested in.  Being single has afforded me to opportunity to pamper myself without feeling guilty, and here it’s manifesting itself in the form of movie watching.

So what about you, readers? How do you pamper yourself?

Enjoy your Friday, especially if you’re free like me!


2 thoughts on “TBLTB Presents: Freedom Fridays, Movie Edition

  1. I love this entry. I truly enjoy picking out my own movies and not having to worry about someone else’s opinions or needs.

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