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I’m not sure that a lot has changed since 2003 in the dating world, but a lot has changed in MY world, making this dating thing so much more difficult.

Aside from the obvious ‘where-does-a-twenty-something-meet-another-twenty-something’ issue I keep bitching about, the real problems start once I’ve zeroed in on someone who wants to ask me out.

Facebook.  I realize this probably isn’t a valid form of contact according to most people.  I suspect Patti Stanger’s book would tell me to run screaming in another direction from anyone who asked me out via facebook.  But I didn’t.  Forgive me for rationalizing this, but I am a fairly active facebooker, I don’t like to give my number out, and the person that my number could’ve been garnered from in this situation is OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  So I’m going to let this slide and say that, just this once, Facebook is an acceptable form of contact.  Maybe it’s just because I’m chickening out.  This was never an issue in my previous dating life, because the last date I went on was WAY before the creation of Facebook. Yes, I am that pathetic.  Let’s move on.

Other issues that have changed since my high school dating stint include the number of choices regarding places to go.  Clearly in high school the gold standard was dinner or a movie, but I’m in my mid twenties here.  Meeting for drinks seems to be the standard in this age phase.  This bring a whole new set of worries for me.  Don’t worry, Patti Stanger and my mother have both suggested a two drink limit for me. I think this is a good idea.  I’m nervous that I’ll be nervous (?) and over consume or rely on alcohol to relax me.  And don’t even get me started on making a mistake by going home with someone.  That isn’t even a thought I have the ability to process at this stage. Patti Stanger has also pointed out that drinks are invalid dates.  They’re interviews.  If someone’s serious they ask for dinner.  Well, whatever.  I’m babystepping my way here, folks.  Trial and error.  Sigh.

Text messaging wasn’t even an option when I was in high school. So there’s that to contend with too. I like to text message. I’m not much of a phone person. In fact, the idea of talking on the phone to someone for an extended period of time? Grosses me OUT.

I just feel behind. I feel like being in my mid-twenties and starting this dating adventure has put me at a disadvantage.  I didn’t get to progress from high school dates to college date (read:  frat parties) to adult dates.  I’m jumping straight from a movie with friends to a serious sitdown situation. It’s discouraging to know that I’m at such a..

I don’t know. I tossed and turned last night and just sort of decided that the more things change, the more things stay the same. I am who I am (Popeye, apparently..) and that has to be enough.  If I don’t try it now, when will I try it? When I’m 30? 35? It’s ridiculous to keep putting it off.  I have to get out there and taste and touch and feel as much as I can.  I will only get what I put into it.


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