Patti, we have a problem..

I know I promised I wouldn’t skip Patti Stanger’s steps, but…we have a situation here.

I’ve been asked for drinks. As excited as I should be, I am fairly nervous.  I calculated things, and if you don’t count random incidents and boys who weren’t boyfriends, I haven’t been on a first date since 2003.  My boss reminded me this morning “If it’s a secret, it can’t count”.  So, yep, 2003 it is.  No fudging of the numbers there.

I thought I had more time.  I thought I had more chapters to read.  I have been working on a really great series of posts, centering around an exercise described in the Become Your Own Matchmaker book that involved trying to narrow down what type of man I’m looking for.  After that, I had a whole list of places to go to try to meet someone.  I mean, I know I can still do all those things, but honestly…someone asked me on a date before I could even read the instructions on how to meet someone.  AHHHHHHHHH. A third of me wanted to decline, a third of me wanted to say yes because huzzah! someone wanted to get to know me, and another third wanted to say yes just to have a blog topic.  Two thirds of me says yes, so I replied back that I would be open to the idea.  And now we wait..

In the mean time I have to flip to Patti Stanger’s chapter in Become Your Own Matchmaker that deals with dates. Good, right here after finding yourself and making a matchmaker map, we have the chapter that deals with the actual meat of the situation–DATING!

Really? This is it, Patti? Personally, I find the information disappointing.  Mostly all she tells me is how to feel sexy before the date– which includes a lot of wine and waxing–how to make sure he’s marriage minded, and what NOT to say on the date.  I need real advice here, people.  I’m not looking to get married.  I’m looking to go on my first date in seven years.  I need instructions.  Where are people going? What are people talking about? What’s the dress code for this situation? MORE IMPORTANTLY–I was asked out via facebook.  Is this okay, and how do I give him my number in an appropriate fashion and WHEN IS THE TIME FOR THAT?!

My two biggest concerns are lulls in conversation and the ‘resume gap’ that I seem to have.  I’ve been undated for 2 years since my relationship ended.  That’s basically like being unemployed for two years and trying to get back into your line of work.  Someone, somewhere, is going to ask, aren’t they?

I guess I need to calm down, think things out logically, and realize that I am good at casual conversation. I’m not good at much, but casual conversation? I’ve usually got that covered.

One day when this is all over I’m writing a real book for twentysomethings that has real advice in it for ladies who need to know.


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